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Baking and Beyond: The Ongoing Trend

The August 2016 edition of the Kitchenware International Magazine focuses on three specific product categories in kitchenware that are doing well right now – beverageware, knives and bakeware.

“With the ongoing trend for homemade, artisan produce continuing to impact the bakeware category, we take a look at how product development is now moving beyond traditional bakeware into other areas, including savory, giftable and licensed.”, the magazine said.

The bakeware feature “Baking and Beyond the On-Going Trend” highlighted Seeba and its bakeware products. Our CEO and Director Mr. Anand Baldawa, postulated why the baking category is tremendous booming he says, “TV shows like GBBO and Masterchef and also YouTube videos where consumers can find anything they want to learn online, have contributed to the resurgence of interest in baking where armature home cooks are inspired to learn new skills and take on the baking frenzy. We believe these shows are something that will continue to shake the market and push sales in the bakeware category.” He also addressed that “there is a noticeable increase in the number of health-conscious customer who are cooking and entertaining at home – and baking is no exception.”

Bakeware is a key growth category for Seeba. Our bakeware range includes cookie sheets, pie pans, cake pans, pizza pans and multi-purpose mixing bowls.

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